Beyond the Controller takes a look into the world of electronic gaming to examine how the societies fascination with technology has developed, and what effects it has had on our daily lives. The piece challenges the stereotype that gaming isolates us from each other and detaches individuals from reality, to illuminate the positive characteristics of gaming.


As one of the fastest developing areas of technology, the documentary uses gaming as a lens to explore human nature and its relationship to machines within modern society. The prevailing way which this relationship revealed itself to us was through the contested sociability of gaming, and so this became a central theme within the narrative. The documentary takes the audience to three different gaming environments moving from private to public, to display how different social aspects manifest themselves within the gaming world.


Beyond The Controller is told in the expository style of documentary. Through this mode, the piece disproves the negative stereotypes of gamers, and reveals how gaming is becoming a beneficial attribute within society. It uses a more subtle style of expository documentary with a less rhetorical approach to provide the audience with a space of contemplation, reflection and discovery.


The piece challenges the typical conventions of documentary by using a female voice over. This is subversive because the stereotype of gaming positions it as a male dominated field. Therefore, by using a female voice it avoids a tone of authority and bring to light the inclusive nature of gaming.