Gender Conflict


I aim to concentrate my images on the theme of “identity conflict” and express how we recognize whom certain people are and question our first impression on people. It is mostly the case that we label people as ‘male’ or female’. Within my photographs, This project aimed to question why we feel need to genderize and categorize people, whether that’s a sense of comfort that we get from how we were thought to label people according to their appearance. We have been thought growing up that some individuals are ‘normal’ and some are ‘unfamiliar’.
Taking this way of thinking as my base, I have designed the photographs in a format that will demonstrate the way we see and judge people. What we assume first by their face might not match what they value the most in their lives. What we assume from what they value, might not match their shoes. That is why I have made it into a set of three images, so that it challenges our perceptions of gender.
All images cropped for a closer look, aiming to add a sense of abstractness and create a seemingly unreal appearance of the individual. This kind of a closer, abnormal looking approach towards the individual aims to illustrate the same kind of judgments we make towards these individuals, when we are labelling them as being abnormal. Incorporating this idea of how an individual chooses to look depending on their gender inspired by Sarah Deragon’s ‘Identity Project’ where the portrait photographer seeks to explore the labels we choose to identify other individuals' gender and sensuality.